Program 2021

The enough. will take place this year in several places around the city. However, the weekend events will again be concentrated in the Autonomous School and at Park Platz.

  • Park Platz: Wasserwerkstrasse 101, 8037 Zurich
  • Autonome Schule Zürich (ASZ): Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zurich, Top Floor

The program at Park Platz and the events during the week will be available in both English and German. If you need other translations, please contact us by email or at the info table before the event. For translations of the workshops at ASZ, please also contact us in advance as well. More information here.

Monday, September 6th

19.00-20.30, Koch Areal

“Squatting McDonalds”: L’Après M on labor disputes in Marseille

Input – L’Après M

19.00-20.00, ASZ

“Amori. The Islands.” – Book presentation by Johanna Lier

Input – Johanna Lier

Tuesday, September 7th

19.00-20.00, Koch Areal

500 Years of Anti-Colonial Resistance – The Zapatistas Tour Europe

Input – Encuentro Feminista Zapatista Zurich/Basel und Direct Solidarity with Chiapas

Wednesday, September 8th

20.00-21.00, ASZ

What to do in Case of a Racist Police Stop?

Workshop – Alliance against Racial Profiling

20.00-21.15, BlackBox

“The Trap” – Theatrical Performance by Riadh Ben Ammar

Theatre (DE) – Riadh Ben Ammar

Thursday, September 9th

19.00-21.30, BlackBox

BIPoC Empowernment Workshop

Workshop – Meral (Awareness Basel) und Claudia (Alliance against Racial Profiling)

19.00-21.00, ZWZ

“Escaping Eritrea” – Filmscreening and Input (TW: Images of violence)

Film (EN) und Discussion – Eritrean Media Association 

Friday, September 10th

14.00-16.30, ASZ

Velotour d’Horizon: Open Meeting

Open Networking Meeting – Velotour d’Horizon

19.00, Meeting point at the National Museum

“Abolish Frontex – Stop Deportations – Fight the Camp System” Demonstration


Saturday, September 11th

11.00-12.30, ASZ

Blackbox Federal Asylum Center: Civil Society Options Against Isolation

Workshop – Pikett Asyl and Space of Solidarity (SoS)

13.00-14.00, Park Platz

Frontex and Switzerland

Input – Abolish Frontex

16.30-17.30, ASZ

Solidarity – Against Exclusion, Isolation and Repression in Emergency Camps

Workshop – Alliance Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird

18.00-19.30, Park Platz

Externalisation of the European Migration Regime: Perspectives on Impact and Resistance

Panel – Sudan Uprising Germany, Alarmphone Sahara, Afrique-Europe-Interact and Medico International

18.00-19.30, ASZ

Racism and mental health

Input – Linke PoC

Sunday, September 12th

11.00-13.00, Park Platz

Taking the Conversation Back – Acknowledging Racism in Switzerland

Workshop (EN) – Racial Justice Student Collective

12.00-14.00, ASZ

Sexualized Violence, Flight and Migration (no cis men)


14.30-16.00, ASZ

Isolation and Racism in Asylum Camps

Input – ROTA Aargau

14.00-15.00, Park Platz

Education for all

Workshop – ASZ

14.00-16.00, Meeting point Wiedikon train station

A city walk through Zurich’s colonial past (registration necessary)

City walk (DE) – ZH Kolonial

15.00, Meeting point Park Platz

Terrarium Workshop

Workshop – ROTA Basel

15.30-16.30, Park Platz

Housing and Migration as transnational anti-racist struggles

Input – E.A.S.T.

16.30-18.00, ASZ

Workshop on Swiss Asylum Law

Workshop – AsyLex und Zurich Legal

17.00-18.00, Park Platz

Women in Exile: A self-organized project of refugee women

Input – Women in Exile

More during the weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, you will find various art, audio and video contributions at the multimedia room and other locations at Park Platz as well as information stands by different groups that you can visit throughout the whole weekend.

  • Art exhibition “Isolation in the Asylum Regime” by ROTA: Camps set up in forests, on mountain tops or in the far corners of this country! The idea of the good hiding place is provoked. Dozens of these camps and hundreds of fled people, damn! Far away from everything and everyone, deprived of movement and understanding, waiting. Waiting without horizon, without sun, without end. Diseases spread, drag on, set in. We want to illuminate these non-places with a small photo exhibition.
  • Art exhibition “Fortress Europe” by ROTA: Between 2016 and 2020, more than 20,400 people have lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and reach Europe. If the European border regime does not change its policies, many more will follow. The exhibition asks about the conditions of change of this policy and commemorates every single life that had to be lost as a result of it.
  • Podcast (DE) “Mier sind nöd dini exotischi Fantasie” von Niramy Pathmanathan
  • Art exhibition “Decay” by ROTA (at ASZ): On display is a painting on canvas, asphalt oil, on the theme of “Transgenerational Trauma”. It reflects the motif of decay, the solidification of the individual (and thus society), numb and meaningless, through an artistic exploration of the materials of rotten, rusty, burnt textures. The world is heading toward rapid global decay and collapse. The emergence of a consumer society has produced a degenerate society with cultural decay and corrupt ethical values. The society in which we live has become a disease in which both the psychology of the individual and the phenomenon of society are beginning to rot in a cycle of consumption, a cycle that follows desire to have rather than need.


On Saturday evening there will be various musical contributions from 18.30 to 23.00. Important: During the concerts dancing is not allowed.

18.30-19.30 Alejandra Gaviria A.K.A. DJ Xmona

20.00-20.30 Proyecto Iris

20.45- 21.30 Scharlachmaria Musik

22.00-23.00 Nive

Food and drinks at Park Platz during the weekend

On Saturday and Sunday there will be various food and drink options at Park Platz. In addition to the Parki Café and Parki Kitchen, a Soli Bar and several Soli food stands – on Saturday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. – will offer a variety of drinks and dishes.

Saturday, September 11th

  • Koshary and hibiscus ice tea
  • Sandwicheria with homemade bread and all kinds of toppings
  • The Parki kitchen will serve köfte, fish and chips, halloumi and fried cauliflower with various salads and sauces
  • The Parki Café offers sweet pastries and cakes

Sunday, September 12th

  • Pizzaria Anarchia will make pizza fritta
  • ROTA serves gözleme
  • The Parki kitchen makes french fries and deep fried apple cakes with warm vanilla sauce
  • The Parki Café offers sweet pastries and cakes

More on the 16th/17th

19.30, im MAXIM Theatre, Limmatstrasse 45, 8005 Zurich


The “Mittelmeer Monologe” tell of Naomie from Cameroon and Yassin from Libya, of political resistance, of a boat on its way to Europe, of brutal coast guards and dubious sea rescue coordination centres. It also tells of activists who are doing something to stop the deaths in the Mediterranean. They do what can no longer be taken for granted: they save human lives. As we currently see in Afghanistan, people are living in helpless terror and are forced to move. Since 1993, more than 44,000 people have died trying to flee to Europe. The “Mittelmeer Monologe” are documentary, verbatim theatre based on interviews lasting several hours. Real cases of sea rescue are reconstructed and told from the perspective of those affected as well as activists. More Information here.

  • A production of the transcultural MAXIM Theatre Zurich.
  • Written and directed by: Michael Ruf, Wort und Herzschlag, Berlin
  • Performers: Rowan Blockey, Sofia Borsani, Aaron Defant, Giulio Tanasini, Luisa Wolf
  • The theatre will be followed by a discussion.
  • Admission: 25.- / 15.- (0.- with ID card N) / 35.- (soli price)