and „antira-Wochenschau“

Information stand reports on current events and developments related to racism. We want to contribute to anti-racist resistance and make critical analyses of racism better known. With the „antira-Wochenschau“ we offer a resistant review of a week full of racism. It is published on various channels on the internet, as a print version and as a podcast. At our info stand you can read samples from current and older issues and read reviews that interested people have written for the enough-actiondays. We look forward to exchange, criticism and networking.

About is a network of anti-racists in German-speaking Switzerland who are critical of power. We are autonomously organized, do not pay wages and live from solidarity-resistant working hours. We are open to people who share our political analyses, goals and means.

Currently, is run by white-socialised people. We want to use racial privilege to fight racism. Nevertheless, we see ourselves (co-)shaped by racism and try to critically and intersectionally reflect our socialisation and position within a racist society.

For the orientation of we find it important to be in exchange and dialogue with non-white people and contexts and would welcome black or PoC accomplices to join Whenever possible, we also include reports and analyses from BPoC individuals, collectives or currents. /