Watch the Med Alarmphone

Information stand and various inputs on the situation in the Mediterranean and the externalisation of the EU external borders

Ferries not Frontex – safe escape routes for all! 

Watch The Med Alarmphone was initiated in October 2014 by activists, activist networks and civil society actors in Europe and North Africa – the core of the project is a self-organised hotline for refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our main goal is to give boat refugees in distress at sea an additional opportunity to draw attention to their emergency situation. The Alarmphone documents the situation at sea, informs the coast guard and, if necessary, mobilises additional rescue support in real time. This way, we can at least partially put pressure on the responsible official rescue authorities to fight push-backs and other forms of violence and human rights violations against migrants at sea.

Alarmphone is a network of activists, most of whom have been active on the external borders of Europe for many years, participating in networks such as Welcome to Europe, Afrique Europe Interact, Borderline Europe, Noborder Morocco and Watch The Med. The project has local groups in Tunis, Palermo, Melilla, Tangier, Cadiz, Marseille, Strasbourg, London, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Geneva and Izmir – and many other places. The increasingly restrictive migration policies and the systematic practice of non-assistance by the European border control authorities towards migrants in distress at sea make resistance to this deadly policy more necessary than ever. Together with many other networks and organisations, the Alarmphone strives for the realisation of „Corridors of Solidarity“ and against the political efforts to seal Europe off more and more. 

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