Workshop on Swiss Asylum Law

Sunday, September 12th, 16.30-18.00, ASZ

Workshop – AsyLex und Zurich Legal

Refugees who apply for asylum in Switzerland often have the problem that their “fingerprints” have already been registered in another Schengen state. The authorities therefore do not act on their asylum applications and try to deport them to the respective states. For this purpose, people are regularly locked up in airport jails or prohibited to leave the area of their accommodation. In the workshop organized by Asylex and Zurich Legal, the practice of Dublin procedures, administrative detention and criminal law for foreigners as well as the legal scope of action are presented in a comprehensible way. Together, low-threshold support options and strategic perspectives are discussed.

About AsyLex and Zurich Legal

Zurich Legal advises and represents clients in the context of migration and asylum law and offers its expertise on coercive measures and fundamental rights issues of the immigration law.

AsyLex is an association that advises and represents asylum seekers throughout Switzerland in their proceedings and attempts to ensure access to free legal advice at all times, particularly by means of online legal advice. For almost a year now, the detention team has been dedicated to the consultation and representation of persons in administrative detention under immigration law.