What to do in Case of a Racist Police Stop?

Wednesday, September 8th, 19.00-20.00, ASZ

Workshop – Alliance against Racial Profiling

Time adjustment: At 7 p.m. the event “black representation mattters – the Black Switzerland Online Archive (SSOA) introduces itself” takes place at the ASZ-Kafi. Therefore, the workshop by the Alliance against Racial Profiling will start at 8 p.m., so that interested people can attend both events.

Racist police controls are unfortunately part of everyday life in Switzerland for many people. More and more people are no longer willing to accept racial profiling without resistance. Discriminatory police controls based solely on appearance are illegal – what tactics do people use to oppose such racist controls and what can bystanders do? In this workshop, Alliance against Racial Profiling discusses experiences with racist police controls with everyone in the audience and talks about possibilities of anti-racist resistance, as Black people, People of Color and white people. Together, we address what we can do if we are controlled ourselves or observe a control, and how to build power for collective resistance. The Alliance Against Racial Profiling (www.stop-racial-profiling.ch) stands in solidarity with people who experience racist police controls and is a movement that fights racial profiling.

About Alliance against Racial Profiling

The Alliance against Racial Profiling is a widely supported movement that battles the institutional Racism in the Swiss Police corps and the Swiss Boarder Guard as well as its structural causes. We are a movement that was built originally in 2016 in the context of the process of Mohamed Wa Baile vs. Stadtpolizei Zürich . The Alliance against Racial Profiling develops activities all over Switzerland and supports local antiracist initiatives.