Velotour d’Horizon: Open meeting

Friday, September 10th, 14.00-16.30, ASZ

Open Networking Meeting – Velotour d’Horizon

In the run-up to the enough weekend, there will be an exchange afternoon on the next supra-regional ideas. If you want to join in the thinking or just learn more about the actions, then come to the meeting!

Part 1: Demo “For a free and dignified life” on 2 October 2021 in Bern. Current information and discussion of the speeches. We need to clarify who will speak for which groups and on which topic?


Part 2: Collection of ideas and distribution of tasks for the Velotour d’Horizon 2022. Next year we would like to break out of the daily routine again and spend time together for a week (or more)! What form the event will take next year is still open. Whether it will be a stationary event or a tour, next year’s goal is to become even more inclusive and to reach out to non-bikers, children and more women.