“The Trap” – Theatrical Performance by Riadh Ben Ammar

Wednesday, September 8th, 20.00-21.15, BlackBox, Gessnerallee Südbühne, Gessnerallee 8, 8001 Zurich

Theatre – Riadh Ben Ammar

The play is a story about the closed EU external border and its misconceptions. You can’t live on the coast without having seen the other side at least once. In Tangier, Algiers or Tunis, even the cats sit in the harbor and look at the other side. Everyone wants to go there. Most of them dream about it…
The young people who manage to land in Europe try everything not to return empty-handed. Illegality, criminality and the constant fear of being deported are their everyday life.

For the right to freedom of movement!

About Riadh Ben Ammar

Riadh Ben Ammar came to Germany from Tunisia in the early 2000s. For a long time he was forced to live in a refugee camp in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Today, he lives between Tunisia and Germany and is one of the founders of Afrique-Europe-Interact.
Riadh has been performing plays for many years. His first play “Hurria!” was about the Arab Spring in Tunisia and its connection to the demand for freedom of movement. In the meantime, several plays have come to life, most recently “The Trap” which Riadh is performing as part of the enough. action days.