Taking the Conversation Back – Acknowledging Racism in Switzerland

Sunday, September 12th, 11.00-13.00, Park Platz

Workshop (EN) – Racial Justice Student Collective

During this workshop, we aim to create a safer space and a space of mindfulness where BIPoC stories can be heard and we all, together, critically address the ignorance that protects the status quo of injustices and reassess what it means to acknowledge the invisibilization of BIPoC presence and histories in Switzerland. This workshop sets the stage for the actions needed towards healing and liberation: acknowledging, reassessing, and repairing. In other words, a starting point as a community to rewrite the narratives and together dismantle racist structures.

About Racial Justice Student Collective

The Racial Justice Student Collective is a group of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and white allies, committed to addressing systemic racism within and outside of Swiss universities, and to supporting racial justice organizing across Switzerland. Taking our inspiration from the need to decolonize academia, we are guided by perspectives that insist on acknowledging and dismantling systemic racism embedded within all institutions, and deconstructing “Western” universities’ role in colonial projects whose violence continues to underpin systemic racism today.