“Squatting McDonalds”: L’Après M on labor disputes in Marseille

Monday, September 6th, 19.00-20.30, Koch Areal, Rautistrasse 22, 8047 Zurich

Input – L’Après M

On 2nd June Marseilles’ city council has officially intervened in order to buy the restaurant off McDonald’s and thereby preserve it as a grassroots place of solidarity and resistance. Having spent a lifetime working and fighting for better and fairer working conditions, the symbolism of requisitioning a multinational fast-food drive-in to help feed over 2,000 families a week is not lost on former employees and former local customers alike. In this interactive conference members of L’Après M will share their stories and let us know what the future holds for them. 

About L’Après M

Located in one of the most neglected neighborhoods of Marseille, L’Après M (The After McDonald’s) is an occupied McDonald’s restaurant that former employees and locals have taken over and transformed into a major, self-organized and self-funded food bank in the stark Sainte-Marthe neighborhood of north Marseille. This McDonald’s was more than just a fast-food chain, it was a place where children met up to do their homework and place where people could go and meet which is rare in this isolated district. Since April 2020 more than 150’000 food parcels have been delivered by volunteers. In the next few months L’Après M plans to open a “fast-social-food”, a restaurant where you are handed your menu and the prices are determined by what you earn. It is a model to not only help the poorest to survive, but to fight back against the victimhood caused by capitalism.