Solidarity – Against Exclusion, Isolation and Repression in Emergency Camps

Saturday, September 11th, 16.30-17.30, ASZ

Workshop – Alliance Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird

Restraints, compulsory presence, penalties for “illegal” residence: Since its foundation, the alliance “Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird…” has been campaigning against a legally legitimized repressive regime that relies on harassment and exclusion and tramples on the basic rights of rejected asylum seekers in the canton of Zurich. An important part of this work is regular visits to the five emergency camps and the two federal asylum camps. In addition, various action days were organized together with those affected, a network for legal support was set up, the solidarity structures in the communities of the camps were strengthened, and a bicycle workshop was launched to help people improve their mobility. On the one hand, activists will give an insight into the history and activities of “Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird…”. On the other hand we’ll present possibilities to join the alliance and work together on future perspectives.

About Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird…

The alliance “Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird…” was formed in early 2017 as a reaction to the increasing repression against rejected asylum seekers in the canton of Zurich. The alliance has since organized a series of actions and events to actively counter the silence surrounding these violent politics. Regular visits to the camps are an important part of this. A network of legal supporters has also grown out of the alliance.

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