Isolation and racism in asylum camps

Sunday, September 12th, 14.30-16.00, ASZ

Input – ROTA Aargau

ROTA Aargau, together with asylum seekers and refugees, will bring their stories and realities to the stage during their input “Isolation and Racism”.

About ROTA

ROTA; is a structure in which all migrants who have immigrated voluntarily or forcibly create their self-organization in social, cultural, economic, political and many other fields.
ROTA stands against all kinds of oppression and discriminatory attitudes and policies that marginalize people regardless of religion, language, race and gender. However, it defines itself in opposition to racism, hierarchy, homophobia and adopts a collective form of organization. Regardless of their status (from citizenship to undocumented migrants), every person with a migrant background has a place in ROTA.
ROTA understands self-organization as an organization of solidarity, with which migrants can have their say, fight and act together in all questions of life and organizes itself in this way. 
ROTA is a structure that carries out all this work in solidarity, without regular and direct support from any institution, association or state.

Solidarity strengthens the migrant resistance.