Housing and Migration as transnational anti-racist struggles

Sunday, September 12th, 15.30-16.30, Park Platz

Input – EAST

Social Housing Now! and Infokolpa are part of the emerging E.A.S.T. – Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational network composed mostly of women, migrants, workers and activists, born out of the struggles on social reproduction triggered by the pandemic crisis. After the short presentations of two case studies about housing in Romania and migration through the Balkanroute, the speakers would like to invite the audience to discuss together the possibilities of an anti-racist transnational movement that would be able to bring into the forefront the intersections of housing and migration with anti-racist activism. Where are the convergences and differences of activism for the right to housing and to free movement and what do we need in order to facilitate transnational and intersectional solidarity between different groups of people? How could we mobilize and align our fights in order to combat external border racism as well as institutional racism on a national level in Eastern-Europe’s post-socialist capitalism? What kind of transnational action do we imagine to aid both external border and internal housing struggles? 

About E.A.S.T.

Social Housing NOW! is an activist movement for housing justice based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In order to create a city for people and not for profit, as a political activist movement we propose a development model for the city of Cluj, which: targets the extension of public housing stock, including social housing; allocates an adequate budget for related public interventions; ensures the access to social housing for low income people who live under deprived housing conditions; supports from the public budget alternative housing models, such as different forms of collectives living or cooperative housing.

E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational) is a network composed mostly of women, migrants, workers and activists born out of the struggles on social reproduction triggered by the pandemic in 2020. E.A.S.T. has Eastern and Central Europe as its main focus but looks at this specific space as a part of a transnational field of struggle. The network wants to ignite new struggles and strikes against exploitation, male violence and institutional racism by connecting existing struggles and building a common space of organization, which overcomes the local and national isolation and fragmentation of single social and labor initiatives.​​​​​​​