Frontex and Switzerland

Saturday, September 11th, 13.00-14.00, Park Platz

Input – Abolish Frontex

What does the EU border protection agency Frontex have to do with Switzerland? How is the air surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea used as a migration defense?

Two activists from Watch the Med Alarm Phone will give insight into the European isolationist policy at this information event. In the first part, the connection between Frontex and Switzerland will be explained (in German). In the second half, the co-author of the report “Remote Control” (LINK:, explains the cooperation between the EU and Libya (in English).

The info event is part of the association “Abolish Frontex – also in Switzerland” and refers to the transnational campaign #AbolishFrontex ( The goal is to make the crimes at the EU external borders visible & to organize together against the EU border regime.