enough. 2020

Here you find the program of last years enough.

Saturday, August 29th 2020

11:00 Allianz gegen Racial Profiling – Workshop: What to do in case of a racist police control?, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

12:00 Bewegte Texte – Children’s Book Reading, Park Platz, Reading Corner

13:00 Information Event: 5 years March of Hope, from the perspective of participants, Park Platz, Tent

14:00 Verein Diversum – Workshop for young People: Getting active against racism, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

14:00 and 16:00 Eritreischer Medienbund: Meet the Expert, Park Platz, Networking Table

15:00 Discussion Round: Alliance politics in practice, Park Platz, Tent

15:00 Lebenslang – Short Film with subsequent Input from the Director: Marileide Oliveira, Park Platz, Multimedia Room

16:00 RKZ and Unsere Stimme – Input: The situation of rejected asylum seekers in Zurich, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

17:00 Parwana Amiri – Book Presentation: Letters to the World from Moria, Park Platz, Tent

17:00 Women in Exile – Workshop: How open are my political structures for refugee women?, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

19:00 Velotour d‘Horizon – Film with subsequent Discussion: Velotour d‘Horizon 2019, Park Platz, Tent

20:00 Concert: None Of Them, Park Platz, Stage 21:45 Dj’s Cosmic Space Circus, Park Platz, Stage

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Sunday, August 30th 2020

12:00 ROTA – Lecture and Discussion: Accelerated asylum procedure, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

12:00 -14:00 Children’s Make-up Table, Autonome Schule

13:00 Activists from LPoC – Presentation: LGBTQ in Morocco, Park Platz, Tent

14:00 Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh – Information Event, Park Platz, Tent

14:00 3 Rosen gegen Grenzen – Input with subsequent Discussion: Violence in
federal camps
, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

15:00 Bewegte Texte – Children’s Book Reading, Park Platz, Reading Corner

15:30 Conversation between Jovita Pinto
and Reem Kadhum: Which Black history of Switzerland?, Park Platz, Tent

16:00 ExperiTheatre and Black Box – Intervention: To the office of …, Park Platz

16:00 Zurich Legal, Asylex and Freiplatzaktion – Input and Workshop: solidarity-based lega work, Autonome Schule, Attic Floor

18:00 Women in Exile – Lecture with following Discussion: Presentation of Women in Exile work, Park Platz, Tent

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Both days at Park Platz

Act to Unite – Information Table

Alarmphone and Welcome 2 Europe – Information Table Corridors of Solidarity: Brief inputs on the situation in the Mediterranean and externalisation of the EU‘s external borders and developments along the migration routes in Europe.

Autonome Schule Zürich – Information Table

Bewegte Texte – Anti-racist and Intersectional Book Table

Eritreischer Medienbund – Information Table

A map with borders: Travelogue from the Greek EU external border – audio station, Multimedia Room

Exit Racism – Listening Station, Multimedia Room Freiplatzaktion und Map F – Information Table

General Information Table: all participants are invited to bring information material.

Histnoire.ch – Digital Exhibition, Multimedia Room

Initiative Gedenken an Oury Jalloh –
Photo Exhibition: slavery, colonialism and the historical context of racism

Linke PoC und BIPOC.WoC – Information Table

Open Networking Table: can be filled with program itself or used for exchange / networking

ROTA – Exhibition: objects that were important for people on the run, including their history

ROTA – Information Table
Stopp Isolation – Information Table

Video Corner with Contributions from Afrique-Europe-Interact and Missingattheborders, Multimedia Room

Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird – Information Table

ZH-Kolonial – Poster Exhibition: Zurich’s colonial entanglements