About enough.

enough. – Actions days on migration struggles and anti-racist resistance

enough. is a platform, a meeting point, a stage, an information point, and a place to exchange ideas. We want to shine a light on anti-racist initiatives and resistance to the migration system.

This year, the action days take place for a whole week. From the 6th – 12th September, various groups, initiatives, and projects will share their experience of anti-racist work at ParkPlatz (www.park-platz.org) and other locations in Zurich, Switzerland. There will be workshops, theatre productions, lectures, open discussion groups, and concerts. We want to listen, discuss, exchange, and reflect together – but most importantly, we want to exchange ideas on how to fight racism and the oppressive migration system.

Migration and racism are two phenomena with different effects, but they often overlap. Both are based on (post-)colonial patterns of thought that have real consequences: both in the European border regime, as well as in everyday racism in Switzerland and in racist police violence worldwide. Anti-racist resistance and migration struggles have many faces. We want to let different topics stand next to each other and let the various approaches of initiatives and networks speak for themselves.

At enough., people talk about their own experiences and share their work, but no one talks about or for others. The action days are an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. They present an opportunity to connect the different struggles for freedom of movement and equal rights for all – regardless of origin, racialized attributions, social status, gender, and age.

enough. is the project of an open collective. We are people with and without migration backgrounds, some who experience racism, but many who do not. We want to have discussions together about racism and migration struggles – during and beyond the action days. People who want to help shape these days or give their input are very welcome to contact us.

We look forward to the enough. action days 2021!