ZH Colonial

ZürichKolonial aims to inform about the colonial entanglements of Zurich and Switzerland in order to raise awareness of the interconnected forms of contemporary racism and the global prosperity gap that still persists today. The association has grown out of the historical-scientific environment, but above all it is intended to be a platform on which different voices can have their say. We rely on a cooperative approach, in the course of which we look forward to further cooperation and constantly review and further develop our concepts. 

Website: http://zh-kolonial.ch

Workshop: By means of a (virtual) city tour, places, objects, images and ideas are illuminated, based on which the colonial entanglements of the city can be recognized. In order to provide barrier-free and low threshold access, the stations can be accessed on our website as audio files and text. In the long term, both should also be accessible on site via a QR code. During the Action Days ENOUGH, a first selection of these examinations of Zurich’s colonial past will be visible on posters and accessible as audio files via QR code.