Letter of RKZ to the Sozialamt in Zurich:

“We, the rejected refugees from the return detention centres (Nothilfelager) in the canton of Zurich in Adliswil, Hinteregg, Urdorf, Glattbrugg and Kemptthal, have sent a letter to you, the Sozialamt. You can find the letter here on this page in various languages: https://www.rkz-zuerich.com 
You have not answered our questions within one week. They have also not given us any sign that they will ever answer. 
Also the politicians have not spoken to us. They only talk about us. They come in front of the camps and take pictures of themselves. They don’t talk to us, but they delete our Facebook posts where we only ask questions. Questions about why we have to sign once or twice a day for the emergency aid of 8.50 francs. Why not just once a week, like during the first Corona wave. We are people and we are here. We may be isolated because politics and the authorities want us to be. 
That’s why we are talking to you now on this way. We have opened this website and a Facebook group and we are looking forward to feedback, contact, ideas.”

Two persons from the alliance “Rejected refugees from the Zurich Return Centres (RKZ) speak for themselves” will report on the situation of rejected asylum seekers in Zurich, especially in times of corona. In addition to a review, they will also provide information about upcoming actions and ideas.