Parwana Amiri

„What would you say to the world if, instead of who you are now, you were one of those 20,000 thousand homeless refugees in the camp of Moria, that the winter turns into a hell and the summer into the Sahara desert?“ Parwana Amiri

In September 2019, Alarmphone received a GPS signal from a boat in distress north of the Greek island of Lesbos. A few days later, there was a meeting between the passengers who were now accommodated in the notorious Camp Moria on Lesbos and activists from Alarmphone and Welcome to Europe.

Parwana, a young woman from Afghanistan was on the same boat. During the meeting, there was much talk about dreams, plans for the future – but also about the daily problems and challenges of surviving in the camp.  This conversation resulted in the letters known as “Letters to the world from Moria”, which will be published as a book in  German/French in August 2020 under the title “Meine Stifte brechen Grenzen – Briefe aus Moria” in the edition essais agité. The letters are an impressive testimony about life under the terrible conditions in a camp that is supposed to prevent people from reaching a safe place to stay. Each letter tells about everyday life in Moria from the perspective of different inhabitants and combines the reports with sharp criticism of the political system that produces these camps and with clear demands to the respective decision makers – and to the citizens of Europe. In December 2019, Parwana and her family were transferred to a camp on the Greek mainland. There, she will continue to write about her experiences and record her thoughts. 

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Workshop: We have invited Parwana to the ENOUGH action days to talk about her experiences and read from her letters. The invitation is currently pending with the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). It seems almost cynical that the SEM, which is responsible for enforcing Switzerland’s restrictive migration regime, should decide whether critical voices like this Parwana are allowed to appear in Switzerland at all. Depending on the decision, Parwana will appear on the spot or via screen – but we certainly do not allow Swiss authorities to determine who is heard and who is not.