Bewegte Texte – Moving Texts

Bewegte Texte (in English: Moving Texts) is an anti-racist, intersectional library. We are convinced that reading is a means to think about discrimination and reflect on privileges. Reading empowers and relieves people who (have to) do explanatory work. Finding fitting texts isn’t always easy. Therefore, Bewegte Texte offers an easy access to knowledge by presenting books virtually on social media (@bewegte_texte) and physically at events.

Bewegte Texte has no fixed location: we are mobile in the online and the offline world.


  • Reading Corner: During the action days, books are freely available to visitors in a reading corner. The library includes children’s books, books for young people, fiction and non-fiction books that address racism in an explanatory and empowering way.
  • Read Aloud Story for Kids (in German), Approximately 30 Minutes , Age: 3-7 years (older children welcome!)
    In a playful and engaging way, we read out a children’s book/children’s books in which Black children and children of Color, are the protagonists. The children are also welcome to have a look at the books in the library by themselves.