Autonome Schule Zürich – ASZ

This school is a project against racism and injustice. It is a meeting place where you can meet other people. The ASZ is a school that organises itself and manages itself collectively. It is independent of the state. The school does not cooperate with the state. It receives school materials and donations from private persons and organisations. It accepts money from public institutions as long as its autonomy is respected. All people who learn and work here are an important part of the school. All students are also teachers, all teachers are also students. There is no boss. The work at the ASZ is voluntary and without pay. There is a secretarial office for the organisation. Important decisions are made together once a month at a general meeting. There are different working groups (AG’s), which carry out different tasks in the school. All are responsible for making the school a common place. 

At the ASZ own ideas can be realized. We would be very happy if you would actively participate in a working group (AG), in projects or with your own ideas at the ASZ.


Workshop: Maintained Infostand