Act to unite

“Act to unite” organises a “game night/get together” every Saturday at the Federal Asylum Centre (BAZ) Zurich from 19.00 to 21.00 in cooperation with GZ Wipkingen. It is held in the GZ Wipkingen meeting room.

The “game night” is open to everyone and is aimed at the residents of the BAZ Zurich as well as people from the neighbourhood. It aims to counteract the social exclusion of groups of people with a migration and/or refugee background. There is a variety of activities on Saturday evening including playing, painting and drawing, listening to music, dancing and much more. The semi-public meeting room also offers the opportunity to cook and is a place for exchange. It is important to us that we tailor the offer to the needs of the residents and that they are involved in the planning of activities. The aim is to create a platform where people can meet and exchange as well as to facilitate participation in society for groups of people with limited opportunities to participate. Our intention is to eventually expand and organise further activities and events, such as film evenings, neighbourhood visits, or sports afternoons, and we would love suggestions or recommendations. We have already been successful in hosting a clothing exchange and a party for the residents.

It is important for us to network with other individuals, collectives, associations and organisations in the future to discuss topics such as asylum policy and stigmatisation in different areas of life. Like:

  • Giving a voice to people with migration and/or flight backgrounds, engage in public discourse
  • Promote autonomy and self determination for the residents and others like them.If you are interested in our work, please don’t hesitate to follow us on instgram or facebook or just send us an email to

Maintained Infotable, Saturday & Sunday 13:00-17:00