Blackbox Federal Asylum Center: Civil Society Options Against Isolation

Saturday, September 11th, 11.00-12.30, ASZ

Workshop – Pikett Asyl and Space of Solidarity (SoS)

Since the revision of the asylum law came into force in 2019, refugees are increasingly being housed in camp-like federal asylum centers (BAZ) for longer periods of time. This massively complicates access to civil society actors, solidarity projects, and legal support for asylum seekers. In our workshop we want to discuss together which challenges arise from the seclusion of these federal camps, which experiences we have made with them and which options for action we see. The project “Pikett Asyl” of the Freiplatzaktion Zürich, which campaigns for the rights of BAZ residents, the visiting group of the BAZ in Embrach, “Space of Solidarity”, as well as a former BAZ resident and volunteer at the project “Eusi Chuchi” will be involved. We will show how civic engagement can be realized, what hurdles there are and where the interfaces and boundaries to activist legal advice lie. Last but not least, the workshop is intended to call for civil society and activist engagement in the field of BAZ, so that the problematic conditions in BAZ come more into the light of the public.  

Jafar, Eusi Chuchi (Solinetz)
Nasim, ehemaliger BAZ-Bewohner
Nora, Pikett Asyl (Freiplatzaktion Zürich)
Philipp, Space of Solidarity
Moderation: Sophie, Solidarité sans frontières

About Space of Solidarity and Pikett Asyl (Freiplatzaktion Zürich)

“Space of Solidarity” – We are a collective of diverse people who have come together as part of the Space of Solidarity project. In our collective, some people have had their own experiences with migration and flight, but most have not. With Space of Solidarity we have created a space outside the Federal Asylum Center in Embrach and try to break the isolation.

The Freiplatzaktion Zürich (FPA) is committed to advocating for the rights of asylum seekers and migrants. To this end, it offers professional and state-independent legal advice, brings legal irregularities to public attention and is involved in local and national political projects. In its activities, Freiplatzaktion Zürich is guided by the principle of “activist legal work”. In its understanding, legal work is “activist” when people are given unrestricted access to legal work, when legal workers show solidarity with their clients and when legal work is political. Activist legal work stands up for the right to rights – for all people regardless of their residence status.