To be aware: to be aware, to be informed, to be sensitised to certain issues.

Leftist spaces are not necessarily free of discrimination. In order for us to all enjoy ourselves during the action days enough., we want to raise people’s awareness to treat each other consciously and with care. In order for people with different orientations, experiences and histories to come together and be comfortable around each other, we have to reflect on our own positions and privileges [1].

For us, awareness does not only mean individual reflection, but first and foremost collective assumption of responsibility – through joint discussions on power relations and discrimination. For us, this includes becoming aware of our own privileges and existing power structures, but also collective action in the event of violations of all kinds. Ideally, awareness is not delegated to a few people. This process concerns us all, as we all influence and shape the general atmosphere – whether behind the bar, at the entrance, on the stage or as visitors.

What does the awareness team do?

The task of the awareness team is to assist you, if necessary, with negotiating
During the events from Sept 10 – Sept 12, there will be an awareness team present at Park Platz. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain situation or with individual people, or if you experience or observe any form of discriminatory behavior, please contact them immediately. In case you can’t find the awareness team on the site at that moment: there will be a contact person at the info point at the entrance at all times. This also applies to the events at the Autonomous School Zurich. We try to provide different contact persons with diverse knowledge and experience.[2] However, the awareness team should not be understood as a controlling body or security service, nor as an expert body.

The awareness team is at your side in negotiating difficult or hurtful situations, primarily seeking dialogue. If a dialogue is not possible or in case of repetitive transgressive behavior, we will take the liberty to turn away people. The awareness team would like to resolve conflicts that arise in the most constructive way possible. The aim is to recognize transgressions and discrimination, to prevent them, to reflect together with the people concerned and at the same time to increase everyone’s attention. If you feel the need to withdraw for a moment, let us know. There will be a space to retreat for BIPoC [ 3] and FLINT [4] during the action days.

Combating discrimination and violation together

For us, awareness means that as many people as possible behave attentively and consciously. We are certainly not free of certain dynamics and may reproduce forms of discrimination ourselves. With that in mind, we are open to tips and feedback, and would like to continously exchange and learn with one another.

Sexism, racism, ableism [5], anti-queer hostility [6] and any other form of discrimination have no place with us! We are not overly sensitive, we are critical of power! As such, the following behavior will in no case be tolerated:

  • racist, sexist, ableist, expressions and actions hostile to LGBTQIA + [7]
  • bodily contact without consent
  • unsolicited photography of other people, which could endanger their privacy and security

Cultural appropriation

We ask for reflection and a critical handling of the appropriation and instrumentalization of cultural, religious and political symbols such as dreadlocks, bindis, keffiyeh, military clothing etc. The political context and implications of these symbols are not always deliberate or apparent. We would therefore like to use careful language that is open to hints and suggestions.

Take care of each other – only together can we create spaces of solidarity that allow critical discussions!

Help us to support and implement our awareness concept!

This awareness concept was created on the basis of:

  • The awareness concept of
  • Dictionary from the Diversum association
  • Glossary of Bla * sh
  • Awareness glossary from @wirmuesstenmalreden

Thanks for your work.

[1] To have privileges means not to be confronted with certain problems and discrimination in everyday life. Privileges include: having a Swiss passport; to be considered white; to be a cis male; to be able-bodied, etc. Having privileges does not mean that life is always easy. (cis male is a man whose gender identity is the same as the sex assigned to him at birth.)

[2] If you would like to speak to a BIPoC, a woman or a person with a certain positioning who is not on site, you can inform the awareness team. We are happy to make sure that you are put in contact with someone you feel comfortable with.

[3] Abbreviation for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. It is a self-designation of people who experience racism.

[4] Abbreviation for female, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans.

[5] Ableism is the everyday reduction of a person to their impairment. This goes hand in hand with a devaluation (because of their impairment) or an appreciation (despite their impairment).

[6] Hostility to queerness is any discrimination against things, actions or people who differ from cis-heteronormativity in their expression of sexuality or gender identity.

[7] Abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual. The plus stands for all other gender identities and sexual orientations.