500 Years of Anti-Colonial Resistance – The Zapatistas Tour Europe

Tuesday, September 7th, 19.00-20.00, Koch Areal, Rautistrasse 22, 8047 Zurich

Input – Encuentro Feminista Zapatista Zurich/Basel und Direct Solidarity with Chiapas

A ship with a delegation of the Zapatistas, a guerrilla in the mountains of southern Mexico, docked in the Spanish port city of Vigo in mid-June 2021. This symbolic invasion is the prelude to the ‘Gira por la Vida’ (Journey for Life) of several months throughout Europe. The reason behind it: the 500th anniversary of the colonization of Mexico. The statement: “They did not conquer us”. What can we learn from this announcement? The event should have a lot of space for questions and open discussions. Nevertheless, in a first informative block we want to dedicate ourselves to the history, ideology and cosmovision of the Zapatistas, in order to then give a current update on the “Journey for Life” and a review of the Zapatista Days of Action in Basel.

About Encuentro Feminista Zapatista Zurich/Basel and Direct Solidarity with Chiapas

Encuentro Feminista Zapatista Zurich/ Basel formed in November 2020 as a FLINT group in Zurich due to the announcement of the Zapatista invasion of Europe.

Direct Solidarity with Chiapas has been an active solidarity group from Zurich since the uprising of the EZLN in 1994