​​​​​​​Undocumented people: Life in the Shadows – An audio tour through Kalkbreite

Saturday, September 11th, 13.00 (1h), Kalkbreite, Kalkbreitestrasse 6, 8003 Zurich

Tour – SPAZ

How would you cope if healthcare, regulated housing, the job market or mobility were not open to you? What would you do if you were in danger of losing your livelihood and being deported if you demanded the rights you were entitled to? There are 10,000 migrants living and working in the city of Zurich without regular residence status. It is not easy to imagine with which everyday problems and fears Sans-Papiers live here. Put the headphones in your iPhone and take the perspective of a Sans-Papiers in a tour through the Kalkbreite for one hour and inform yourself. The tour leads through the building of the Kalkbreite cooperative and takes about an hour.

About SPAZ

The association Sans-Papiers Anlaufstelle Zürich was founded in April 2005 on the initiative of trade unions, migrant organizations and individuals.
The Sans-Papiers Anlaufstelle Zürich (SPAZ) advises migrants without regular residence status on social and legal issues. It works to ensure that Sans-Papiers can exercise their basic rights and defend themselves against fraud and exploitation. It sensitizes the state and the public to the issue of Sans-Papiers and their precarious living situation. SPAZ is committed to a fundamental improvement of the situation of Sans-Papiers and their regularization.