Maxim Theater

MAXIM Theatre understands itself as transcultural, participatory, cross-generational, interdisciplinary and is therefore committed to address socially relevant topics. We fight societal problems such as racism or discrimination by offering an open space for everyone, where people with different backgrounds come together through art. Everyone can participate and get involved artistically. By everyone MAXIM means the whole city and makes no distinction between people who are here because of flight, work or love or who have always been here. Together we organize theatre performances, concerts, dance performances, film screenings as well as readings and discussions, which were developed in participative processes. MAXIM Theatre understands art as a practice for social change and is an umbrella for a variety of artistic productions. Our vision is a culture of cooperation, which is created in and through exchange. In this way, societal problems related to migration and racism are to be fought and resolved.



The videoworkshop 2018 of the MAXIM Theatre is about emigration, flight and being different in BeingHere. What is it like to be away from home, to arrive here and become part of society? The film “Lebenslang” by Marileide Oliveira is about a young family father who is stopped by the police on his way to school with his daughter for no reason. This action drives him to despair and he begins to question many of the things in his life. The film addresses the subject of racism and shows where it is present in everyday life and how it restricts the freedom of those affected. It also addresses the topic of arriving.

Cast Ajla Ramadani, Christian Looser, Fabian Kostadinov, Leandra Langer, Manuel Zuber, Miguel Sousa, Susan Wohlgemuth Director Marileide Oliveira Camera Reza Jafari, Felix Hergert, Robert Plötz Editing Cesare Macrì Script Marileide Oliveira Producer MAXIM Theater Co-Director Cia Cascavel Produktion Production Assistant Laiya Sievi Sound Daniel A. Zotter, Laiya Sievi, Robert Plötz, Victoria Feuillerat Casting Actor Marileide Oliveira Casting Extra Zully Raschle, Laiya Sievi Costume Marileide Oliveira Photographie Laiya Sievi Music The Healthy Kid, Yara Borges Mentorship Felix Hergert, Lisa Gerig​​​​​​​