About enough.

enough. is a platform, a meeting point, a stage, an information point, as well as a place to exchange ideas. We want to create a space to shine a light on existing anti-racist initiatives and resistance to the migration system. On August 29th and 30th, we will create a space at Park Platz (www.park-platz.org) in Zurich, where various groups, initiatives and projects will report on their work and share their experiences. These are days of networking, mobilization and critical discussion through a diverse program with different contributions. The aim is to sensitise people to issues of migration and to get organised together. Migration and racism are not the same thing: they are two phenomena with different effects, but they often overlap. Both are based on post- and neocolonial patterns of thought, the effects of which are tangible in many different spheres – such as the European border regime, everyday racism in Switzerland or worldwide cases of racist police brutality. Likewise, anti-racist resistance and migration struggles (need to be) are manifold. Here, we want to display the different forms of struggle, let different topics stand next to each other and let the different approaches speak for themselves.

Spread over two days, there will be theatre productions, thematic lectures, open discussion groups and readings of all kinds. Various projects will offer information on their work and every now and then there will be a concert. The entire programme will be spread across the entire space and over two days. ENOUGH is a place where people talk about their own experiences and report on their own work. However, no one will speak about or for others, nor will they talk about issues that do not affect them. The action days are an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge and a moment to connect the different struggles for freedom of movement and equal rights for everyone – regardless of origin, racial attributions, social position, gender and age.